Our workshop has a full range of equipment for restoring cylinder heads and repairing ICE.

Cylinder head cooling system pressure testingCARMEC PTR 1600 L. Sweden7 bar, 70 °C
Valve seat grindingMira VGX / Mira Centronic. MINELLI CORPORATION, Switzerland
Valve grindingSIOUX TOOLS INC, USA
Valve tightness vacuum testingMira VMX-2000. MINELLI CORPORATION, SwitzerlandUp to 1000 mbar
Cylinder block and cylinder head grindingLongitudinal grinding machine ZB722. RussiaMaximum length 1100 mm, height 430 mm. Surface grinding accuracy up to 0.005 mm
SandblastingMeganex Sand / glass
Chemical jet pressure washingAqua Cleaner. Meganex 7 bar + chemical
Valve disassemblyTREGO VFT 500. Sweden Air pressure operated
WeldingTIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) 
 MIG (Metal Inert Gas) 
 MMA (Manual Metal Arc) 
 Powder welding